Teaching and Learning

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum and caters for the different learning styles and thinking of students. The curriculum covers the 8  Learning Areas. English and Maths are timetabled in blocks (English, 2 hours per day and Maths, 1 hour per day) to maximise learning opportunities. The other areas include Science, Technology, The Arts (Visual & Performing), Health and Physical Education, Humanities (History, Geography, Economics), and Language Education (French). 

Computer technology is integrated across the curriculum with hardware available in all classrooms as well as in the library. Interactive whiteboards are well utilised to support many subjects. Many subject areas are covered by Integrated Units of Work (themes), which are planned in detail for each term. 

The school supports the Learning Areas with intervention programs such as Small-group or Individual Reading Intervention, tutoring, educational assessments and speech therapy. 

The school also has an extensive extra-curricular program that includes Choir (Yr 3-6), inter-school winter sport, Athletics, Pr-6 Swimming Program, student leadership activities, excursions, performances, special programs (including Life Education, Personal Development, First Aid), camps program (Pr-6), and a series of lunchtime/class-time activities: eg, gardening, newsletter group, recreation and leisure activities. 

Transition programs with the local Pre-school and Secondary College are well-developed and further work is being done to enhance these programs and to also make transition smoother for newly enrolled students in other grade levels. Sharing of curriculum and management matters is an important part of our valued connection with Numurkah Secondary College.