School Organisations

Our school has many opportunities for parents to become involved in, and support, the school community. These range from School Council and Parents & Friends to classroom helpers and attendance at working bees.

School Council

Members of School Council are representatives of the school community, working together to determine broad school education directions and resourcing. Sub- committees of Policies, Environment and Management/Resources assist decision making by analysing issues and making reports and recommendations to School Council.

School Council Membership consists of:-

The Principal

3 teacher representatives

7 parent representatives

2 co-opted member Community members

With the exception of the principal, all members (Education Department employed and non- Education Department members) are nominated, and if necessary elected by members of the school community.

Meetings are held each month at the school. Regular communications on School Council matters are maintained through the School Newsletter.

Parents and Friends Club

Parents and Friends meet each month, with meetings being open to all persons interested in the welfare of the school. A balance of daytime and evening meetings are organised.

The duties and powers of Parents and Friends are:-

To provide for teachers and students, resources additional to any provided by the Department of Education. Usually a targeted project and financial figure is nominated after consultation with School Council.

To assist in the co-ordination of fund-raising activities and to support the School Council.

To endeavour to stimulate interest in the School.

To act as a "sounding board" for reviewing, developing, updating or introducing school programs, activities, etc.

Parent Helpers

Parents are invited to participate in aspects of their child’s school life in order to develop a partnership with the school and improve their child’s learning. Parents are encouraged to participate in classroom activities to help with class reading activities, typing stories, assisting in small group learning etc. Parents also assist with book covering, cooking, camps, special events, library processing, working bees and excursions. Parents are involved with the organisation of many events including the School Fete, Canteen, Walkathon, Special Activity sessions.

In order to help parents understand how children learn their literacy or numeracy skills, the school organises Parent Information Sessions as required.