School population

Currently ranging between 200 - 220


Principal & Assistant Principal

9 full time teaching staff

2 part time teaching staff

5 full time and part time support staff

School’s Structure

Our school is organised into two teams:

SENIOR TEAM: currently made up of:
2 x Grade 3/4 classes,
1 x Grade 4/5 class,
2 x Grade 5/6 classes.

JUNIOR TEAM: currently made up of:
2 x Prep/1 classes
2 x Grade 1/2 class

This configuration of grades may change from year to year, depending on numbers in each grade, staffing, rooms, etc.

Teams: the organisation of grades and teachers into teams, means consistency of curriculum, assessment, etc across classes with similar grade levels.

Having a mixture of young and experienced staff means a good mix of ideas, enthusiasm and varying teaching styles.

Class sizes

Average 23, with smaller sizes in the junior grades